Sunday, January 23, 2011

Undergraduate Research Presentation, Fall 2010

The Digital Arts and Design, 498 Undergraduate Research class presented an awesome team project in December, 2010. Their team project focused on a marketing campaign that showcased their knowledge and skill within the areas of Computer Graphics, Animation, and Web Design.

Gretchen Larson

Grant Miller

Chris Forsting

Jon Wornson

Jamie Grimes

Tom Smedsrud

The DAD 498 team consisted of Gretchen Larson (Web Design major), Grant Miller (Web Design major), Chris Forsting (Computer Graphics major), Jon Wornson (Animation major), Jamie Grimes (Computer Graphics major) and Tom Smedsrud (Animation major).

For the team project they created a fictional company called 'Armature Science' and developed an Identity, Logo and fully functional web site. The web site showcased 2D and 3D graphics and a 3D animated commercial, featuring their company's robotic mascot.

The Animation department was represented by Jon Wornson and Tom Smedsrud. Jon skillfully crafted 3D models of the company's robotic parts and Tom created a great animated robot. The animated robot had a lot of personality thanks to Tom's brilliant animation.

Overall, the project was excellent and it was presented in a professional and engaging manner that was very accessible to the audience. Each of the team members were obviously passionate and knowledgeable about their respective areas and it was a great showing for each of the DAD departments (Web Design, Computer Graphics and Animation). It was also great to see the team's hard work displayed up on the big screen in the new Science Center auditorium.

Travis Bentley drawing (Animation)

Travis Bentley was one of the audience members, and like all good animators he had his sketchbook with him and was storyboarding a personal animated project :)

The DAD 498 team was led and mentored by Prof. Scott Mackenzie (Animation), Prof. Linn Nelson (Computer Graphics) and Prof. Dan Weinstein (Web Design).

Armature Science can be viewed at the following link:

The Animation Department at DSU wishes all of the recent graduates from DAD 498 the best of luck in their future endeavors and careers.